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DLT Registration

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is a blockchain-based registration system that keeps track of transaction records between network participants .

The DLT platform TRAI is being issued in the public interest to prevent fraudulent practice and provide greater safety to the end customer.

First mandatory step to send SMS according to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Know about DLT registration: Principle Entity, Sender ID and Template approval

Principle Entity

You receive an unique number ID after registration on DLT platform. A principal entity ID will be issued.

Example: 2658xxxxxxxx6587

Header ID/ Sender ID

Alphabetic/numeric entity that will send SMS. Header/sender IDs are shared across other DLT platforms. There should be a business related name in the sender ID.

Example : DGTEXT, Dominos, AW-652568, Dream DTH, SBI


Message text needs to be approved with a specific Template registration.

Example:Hi , we will be unable to operate from . Please contact your supervisor or check your roster at: . thanks . —>- variable text values.

You can use following operators for new DLT registration

Get register on any of the below operators for principal Entity to get your headers, templates approval.

Our Telemarketer Registration Id With above Operators

Steps to Register DLT Registration Process

Business principle Entity Registration

Go to the new DLT registration URL given above, Fill all the necessary information to receive a temporary ID. You will receive a unique Entity ID from the operator after your documents are verified.

Documents required: Documents to prove business identification, such as a PAN, GST, TAN, CIN, etc.

  • With customer response, Jio has a quick and easy registration process.
  • For Videocon DLT Platform only:
  • Videocon smartping is easier for pvt ltd business.
  • You can check the approval status of your application with a reference entity ID and receive OTP on mobile.

Header/Sender Registration

Register your headers/sender ID in the DLT platform once you have your principle Entity ID. As soon as you have registered, you can add your headers (sender ID) from the Headers tab. Headers/Senders types — Promotional and Transactional.

Promotional header/sender- such as offer, sales discounts, and promotions, choose a 6-digit numeric sender ID prefixed with your industry name.

Transactional header/sender- such as updates, alerts and notifications, choose your preferred header name. Add your desired header name in the text box and give reason for choosing it in the description box.

Choose your header/sender name matching entity name. If it is not similar, give justification for variation.

  • Header/sender ID alphabets are case sensitive in lower/upper case.
  • Attached document must show link relationship between entity name & header/sender name.
  • Please write clarification & your mobile number in the description so that DLT support person can reach out a callback if stuck between documentation.

Template Registration

Template registration for a text in a message is the next step after the registration of sender/header, we need to approve message templates.

Template writing- How to add variables in text ?

Few examples of SMS templates with variable values like Date, Registration numbers, phone numbers, names, links, etc.

Hi, Book a free demo class with CodeKaroYaaro and prepare your kid for Cyber Olympiad. Register Now {#var#}

We have not received payment for invoice {#var#}, dated {#var#}. Please contact us on {#var#} immediately. Regards, {#var#}

आप सभी को {#var#} की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।
निवेदक {#var#}

Dear{#var#} Please download your investigation report by clicking on the link{#var#}
Thanks for your visit {#var#}

Dear Sir, Thanks for your payment. As per our ledger your tilldate due is Rs.{#var#}, Date {#var#}. Thanks Team XYZ

Hi, Book a free demo class with XYZ and prepare your kid for Cyber Olympiad. Register Now

We have not received payment for invoice 48568, dated 21/2/2020. Please contact us on 8825xxxx58 immediately. Regards, XYZ, Vasant vihar

आप सभी को Holi की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। निवेदक XYZ jewelers, janakpuri

Dear Alex Please download your investigation report by clicking on the link
Thanks for your visit ABC

Dear Sir, Thanks for your payment. As per our ledger your till date due is Rs.1019, Date 24/3/2021. Thanks Team XYZ

Approved template text is rigid in nature, you can change only in included variable values {#var#}. Most of the mistakes happened with extra space, uppercase/lowercase letters, be careful with that.

Length of a variable {#var#} is fixed with 30 characters including full stops, commas and space. Conventional SMS length is 160 characters. But you can keep message length more than 160 characters.

Note: SMS containing more than 160 characters will be counted as two SMS.

A Full Guide Of Step By Step DLT Registration Process

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