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Leading Bulk SMS Provider

Datagen is a leading Bulk SMS provider and has been ruling the market for years. Working with the technology professionals who know how to bring momentum in the business promotion.

Text Messaging

Send SMS from Web ,Use SMS API, Send all the messages like transactional, promotional OTP, authentication etc.

Guaranteed lead via SMS

Send business SMS to prospects who are connecting on IVR number.

URL Shortening

Builtin link shortener. Send url text in short form through SMS

Generate Traffic

Drives the best traffic in your site and mobile applications with SMS marketing.

Datagen provides several ways for you to send bulk SMS

Datagen is India’s top SMS provider and has been ruling the market for years. Working with the technology professionals who know how to bring momentum in the business promotion

Web portal

Send SMS through web panel

SMS API connectivity

Send SMS using your CRM/panel/software

Email with SMS

SMS alert with every email you receive


Send message using wordpress website

Woocommerce plugin

Send message using woocommerce plugin

Excel Plugins

Send message using zapier plugin

Bulk SMS Marketing The Best Way To Target Millions

Take the best advantage of the mobile world and use SMS marketing for high revenue generation

Business SMS

No matter whether you have a small business or a large business. The business text manager is well-enough to fulfill to cater all your marketing needs in just one go.

Easy SMS Delivery

Just start managing your business campaign with the web. We make sure that the best and user-friendly experience will be delivered.

Promotional SMS

Keep updating your customers about all your new updates and offers via SMS. Promo SMS are used to endorse the brand effectively.

Transactional SMS

All the reminders, OTP alerts, and notifications are sent to the existing customers. With Datagen, you will get 24x7 support and Realtime message delivery

API Integration

Get the easy API integration with any programming knowledge of your choice

SMS Attachment

Send images, PDF, web links etc. attached with the text messages.

Bulk SMS Campaign

Stop sending messages one by one to the customers. We will do it for you on our premium database.

Guaranteed Results

Get the guaranteed business results in the short span of time with our tech experts.

Send And Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

You can send international SMS using Datagen with its connectivity to global carriers around the world. With our API, you can integrate your website or application for reliable global messaging - and we have direct operator connections worldwide to deliver your SMS.

API Code That Matter

Use our SMS API code and your API key to start sending and receiving SMS messages in minutes. Our SMS Gateway is fully supported with full developer codes and detailed documentation.

Country Regulations Handled for You

SMS comes with a wide range of national habits, restrictions and options. Our international team can explain what and what not to do if you want to target consumers in their region.

Accelerate your global expansion

Resources for developers

Start with in-depth API documentation or use open source code

Senders with high volumes reach supported

Send SMS to any recipient, anywhere, with global senders. Telecommunications infrastructure with redundant global senders.

Scalable platform

Start with SMS and go beyond conversation platforms. Explore & expand using API, voice, emails, and more. We handle peacefully

SMS API Built For Developers

Whilst there are many different communication channels available to engage your customers, SMS still achieves the highest reach with an open rate of 98%. Our API makes global bulk text messaging easy and can be used in many different ways.

Connect your website or application to our SMS API for reliable global messaging - benefit from 60+ direct carrier connections to deliver your SMS.

SMS prices for almost 200 countries

Detailed insights with Analytics

API's and SDK's in multiple languages

Reason To Choose Us?

Advanced SMS gateway technology that is finely tuned

Robust, scalable, and redundant infrastructure

Multiple telecom operators on one network

Security that meets enterprise standards with 128-bit data encryption.

Fantastic customer support for expert help with everything from simple tips to technical integrations.

Honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments.