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What is Number Masking?

The Number Masking is also known as Call Masking is used by businesses to hide the actual calling numbers. The Number Masking solution facilitates the seamless communication between executive and customer without divulging the real phone numbers. The real numbers are anonymized by connecting them via a short-lived proxy, which acts as a temporary intermediary.

How Does The Number Masking Solution Work?

New Lead Assigned inThe Application

Executive/Driver uses Click to Call button, call initiates through your business application.

Request Hit to Datagen’s Server

Datagen receives the calling request from a business application. Here the original number is replaced with a temporary intermediatory number.

Datagen Calls on Customer Number

Executive assigned to the customer is connected. Both customer and executive flow the call smoothly on temporary numbers

Call Masking is Placed

Anonymous proxy numbers are assigned on both sides. Once the call ended, both numbers dissolved.

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What Comes up With a Call Masking Solution?

Missed call number is the number on which a prospect gives a missed call alert.

Number Privacy

Number Masking replaces the actual numbers with temporary virtual numbers on both ends.

On Platform Calling

Call Masking connects the call through the application. It avoids the off platform dialing.

Track & Analyse

You can track, record, and analyze customer conversations in real time.

Click to Call API

Click to call integration allows the user to call through a clickable button in application.

Multiple Virtual numbers

With an easy-to-use interface, display different temporary numbers for any number of agents.

Cost Effective

Providing the option to initiate calls within the app will save your customers money on phone calls.

Phone Number Masking use cases for Business

Ecommerce & Delivery Business

The ecommerce business & delivery platform uses the masked phone number in end to end communication. It helps companies maintain customer privacy. The delivery person and customer numbers are masked. It helps the contact in off time.

Cab & Ride-Sharing Company

The ride sharing business enables the calling through applications. Drivers do not have access to sensitive customer information. Passengers are thus provided with increased safety when traveling.

Marketplace Conversations

For a marketplace, it’s critical to track and manage all the leads. As well as keeping conversations within a platform, it's vital to prevent them from going off. Number Masking can be an extremely useful tool for prevention. Market value person numbers are hidden from outside entities to secure incoming calls.